Bell Tower Cottage
.... a quiet retreat ideally situated to explore the Costwolds, Warwick and Stratford
The Bell Tower Cottage owes its name to its fine entrance portico in which hangs a magnificent tenor church bell (see photo).  It is a contemporary conversion of part of an artist’s studio - the rest is still in use - at the side of Boscobel House!
Legend has it that the you William Shakespeare went deer poaching in Charlecote Park (1 mile away), a route that would have taken him along the river through Hatton Rock (also known as Hatton Bank).  Could the  south facing natural amphitheatre above the river that is now the Garden of Boscobel have been an inspiration for the line in Midsummer Night Dream, -I know a a bank where the wild thyme blows -
The Bell Tower Cottage
                          at Boscobel